Buninyong and District
Financial Services

Our purpose is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our communities

bigger than a bank

Small urban, regional and rural communities have been the victims of business rationalisation across many sectors, including Banks. The community owned enterprises which franchise Community Banks® are different. We work to build our communities by returning our profits to community projects and causes; feeding into community prosperity, not off it.

1. Banking

When you bank with your local Community Bank® a share of profits go back to your community.

2. Community

These profits go back into your community into such things as better community facilities, improved health services and support for youth.


3. Growth

This process allows the community to grow and prosper.

The direct community financial impact from our Community Bank® activities in Buninyong now (2019-2020) stands at over $1.16 million

Our purpose is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our communities. Staff at the Buninyong & District Community Bank® Branch, that we franchise, work to provide competitive banking products and services; banking services have returned to our town after a 30 year absence and the community’s “balance sheet” is growing.

Community Gold

We are actively helping to build a stronger local economy by encouraging locals to shop in our community.